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M City Condos: Promotion and Branding

M City Condos: Promotion and Branding

Lead Generation

The M City Condominiums showcase diversity, community living, and convenience. Nestled in Mary Fix Creek Gateway, this city-within-a-city combines green open spaces with a tight-knit neighbourhood feel. And because this community is about bringing family, friends, and neighbours closer, everything they need is closer too.

Case Study: The M City Condominiums

The M City Condominiums is poised to create a dynamic public realm designed to add a new vibe to Mississauga's thriving culture, while providing clients with what they need to grow. We build upon these goals and organize a marketing plan in order to increase closing rates, increase leads, and distinguish this business amongst competitors.


  • Increase closing rates
  • Increase Leads
  • Distinguishing the brand amongst competitors



  • Ease of inquiry: The redesign of The M City Condominiums website puts user experience at the forefront, giving them options to inquire about available/future units, nearby shopping, entertainment, and luxury amenities. In addition, users experience a smooth functioning website to browse beautiful imagery that best promotes the M City brand.
  • Local SEO: The M City Condominium's Google Business listing was optimized and monitored to improve map related rankings. In-depth keyword research was used to write meta content for key conversion pages in order to match with the identified targeted search queries.
  • Branding: The M City Condominium's community style living and convenience makes this a dream home for many. The diverse, culture rich community sets this a part from their competitors.


By carrying out these new online marketing techniques, The M City Condominiums have increased leads by 420% and have increased closing rates by 210%. Their brand is perceived as the perfect home for families, and anyone looking for community and convenience. Using content creation, imagery, web design, and branding, this project displays the best view of The M City Condominiums to potential buyers.


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