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M2M Condo Project Marketing

M2M Condo Project Marketing


The M2M Condominiums, nestled in the bustling area of Yonge and Finch, includes condo units, towns, and retails: it's an attractive space for anyone. M2M Condominiums promotes convenience and luxury living but all for a price within your reach.

Case Study: The M2M Condominiums

The M2M Condominiums totals 6 towers and 1660 units. Located in the heart of North York, steps away from the subway entrance, M2M Condominiums promotes convenience in their luxury living units. The condo marketing project outlines 3 goals: to increase closing rates, increase leads, and to distinguish the brand amongst competitors.


  • Increase closing rates
  • Increase Leads
  • Distinguishing the brand amongst competitors



  • Ease of inquiry: The redesign of The M2M Condominiums website puts user experience at the forefront, giving them options to inquire about available/future units, nearby shopping, entertainment, and luxury amenities. In addition, users experience a smooth fuctioning website to browse beautiful imagery that best promotes the M2M brand.
  • Local SEO: The M2M Condominium's Google Business listing was optimized and monitored to improve map related rankings. In-depth keyword research were used to write meta content for key conversion pages in order to match with the identified targeted search queries.
  • Branding: The M2M Condominiums promote convenience and the idea that your dream home should never be financially out of reach. With platinum programs and ease of registration, M2M creates an identity of integrity.


By carrying out these new online marketing techniques, The M2M Condominiums increased leads by 250% and increased closing rates by 180%. Their brand is distinguished as the perfect home for families, or anyone looking for community and convenience. Using content creation, imagery, web design, and branding, this project displays the best view of The M2M Condominiums to potential buyers.


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