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Pre-Constructions: Web Design, Branding & SEO

Branding, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Video Production provides clients with leading assignment services. Services are free of charge, and in return, clients receive a full and beneficial real estate experience as well as the guarantee that they have made the most of their investment. 

As grows, the company outlines the objective to increase sales, closing rates, and overall market visibility, especially for first time home buyers.

Case Study: has been with Canada Create since March 2016. With over 12 years in the business, Sales Repesentative Peter Barzgar began to seek new marketing tactics to move with the everchanging needs of potential homebuyers.


  • Increase sales

  • Increase closing rate

  • Increase market visibility to first time home buyers


  • Local SEO:'s Google Business listing was optimized and monitored to improve map related rankings. In-depth keyword research was used to write meta content for key conversion pages in order to match with the identified targeted search queries

  • Simplify property inquiries: With a newly developed website, the company moves with the fast paced lives of potential clients. Client inquiries are the first steps in closing an investment, and the new website provides welcoming and informative content that invites customers to browse Preconstructions' offerings while taking the opportunity to inquire about their services.

  • Promotion: Online, we promote the great feedback from past clients and extensive experience has attained from years in the industry.


With a fresh brand identity, website design, and SEO plan, built a trustworthy and client-driven reputation. Canada Create's SEO strategy generated 963 leads from organic searches during the first two months of the new website launch. In addition, the heightened online visibility increased their closing rate by 30% and sales from first time home buyers by 23%.


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