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Kingly Condos Landing Page & Promotion

KINGLY is a premium pre-construction condominium project located in Toronto, Canada. The developers of the project were looking for an effective way to generate leads and attract potential buyers before the project was completed. They approached us, a digital marketing agency, to design a landing page and create a Google PPC campaign to drive traffic to the page.

One of the main challenges we faced in creating the Google PPC campaign was the high level of competition in the pre-construction condo market in Toronto. There were several other projects in the area targeting the same audience, and we needed to create ads that stood out and attracted potential buyers.

To address the competition challenge, we conducted extensive research on the other pre-construction condo projects in the area. We identified the unique selling points of the KINGLY project and used these to create targeted ads that highlighted the project’s features, amenities, and location.


To achieve the client’s goal, we started by designing a custom landing page that showcased the unique features of the KINGLY pre-construction condos. The landing page had a clear call-to-action and lead capture form to capture user information. We ensured the landing page was mobile responsive to ensure seamless browsing for users across different devices.

Once the landing page was ready, we started with a Google PPC campaign to drive traffic to the page. We conducted extensive keyword research and created targeted ads to attract potential buyers searching for pre-construction condos in Toronto. We also used ad extensions to highlight the unique features of the KINGLY project, such as the location, amenities, floor plans, and pre-construction pricing.


The landing page and Google PPC campaign were successful in generating a significant number of leads for the KINGLY project. The campaign resulted in a high click-through rate, and the landing page had a high conversion rate. The leads generated through the campaign were of high quality, with a significant number of them turning into buyers for the project.

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