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Grasshopper Solar Lead Generation

Grasshopper Solar introduces Toronto Residents with innovative solar energy resources. The world is progressively embracing sustainability and renewable energy resources like solar panels, and Grasshopper Solar provides everything from commercial to residential installation, maintenance, and direct purchase programs.

Within a year after working with CANADA CREATE , residential solar panel installations have nearly doubled. Nearly 300,000 homes have switched to solar power, and today there are over 1.6 million solar installations in the US. The market for solar panels is growing, and one of Grasshopper Solar’s main goals is to distinguish themselves from other competitors. Grasshopper Solar also set goals to achieve an increased in lead generation, increased conversion rate, and expansion of their large-scale projects.


The landing page we designed was a visually stunning and user-friendly page that highlighted the benefits of solar energy and encouraged visitors to take action. We used high-quality visuals, informative graphics, and clear calls-to-action to guide visitors towards filling out a lead capture form. The landing page was designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that visitors could access it easily from their phones and tablets.

One of the key features of the landing page was its focus on the customer. We designed the page to answer common questions and concerns that potential customers may have about solar energy. By addressing these concerns and providing valuable information, we aimed to build trust and credibility with visitors and encourage them to take action.

Since launching the landing page, the solar panel company has seen a significant increase in lead generation and conversions. The landing page has been highly effective in capturing leads and providing valuable information to potential customers. The company’s marketing team has reported that the landing page has been a key asset in their marketing efforts, helping to attract new customers and drive business growth.


We created a website with a modern and responsive design that features all the condo projects in Toronto, including high-quality images, videos, and 3D virtual tours. The website was also optimized for mobile devices to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices.

The Goal Was TO Maximize the efficiency of inquiries and assessment meetings: Through ease of communication and assessment inquiries, ASAP painting increases the conversion of the average browsing clientele.


 Our team worked closely with the company’s marketing team to understand their goals and create a video that would engage and educate their target audience. The video commercial we created was a dynamic and visually stunning presentation of the benefits of solar energy. We used high-quality visuals, engaging animations, and informative graphics to highlight the advantages of solar power for homeowners and businesses. We also included testimonials from satisfied customers, providing social proof and credibility for the company.

One of the key features of the video was its educational focus. We designed the video to educate potential customers on the benefits of solar energy and to answer common questions about solar panels. By providing valuable information, we aimed to build trust and credibility with potential customers and position the company as a leader in the solar energy industry.

Since launching the video, the solar panel company has seen a significant increase in leads and inquiries. The video has been shared widely on social media and featured on the company’s website and email marketing campaigns. The company’s marketing team has reported that the video has been a highly effective tool in their lead generation efforts, helping to educate potential customers and generate interest in the company’s services.

Overall, the video commercial we created has been a highly effective marketing tool for the solar panel company. It has helped to position them as a leader in the industry, educate potential customers, and generate a significant number of leads. We are thrilled to have been a part of the company’s success and look forward to working with them on future projects.

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