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FOH Nonprofit Website & Branding

Founded in 2015 in Toronto, Ontario Canada, The Face of Humanity (FOH) is a non-profit Corporation that operates with a global focus. They are established for the noble purpose of being a strong voice against social injustice, racial discrimination, hatred, and other forms of dehumanization.

FOH faced several challenges before they approached us. Their existing website lacked a clear structure and did not provide an accurate representation of their mission and activities. Additionally, they had no clear branding strategy, which resulted in a lack of recognition in the market. Our challenge was to create a new website and develop a custom branding strategy to address these issues and help FOH achieve their mission.


We created a new brand identity that reflected their values and mission. This included a new logo, color palette, and typography. We also developed a comprehensive brand style guide to ensure consistency across all marketing materials.

Next, we worked on creating a new website that was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and provided detailed information on their mission and activities. We created a custom design that reflected their brand identity and utilized responsive design to ensure a seamless user experience on all devices. The website was optimized for search engines to improve their online visibility.

We also developed content for the website that showcased FOH’s mission and activities in a clear and concise manner. We created pages that provided detailed information on their projects, events, and campaigns. We also added a blog section to the website to provide informative content on issues related to social justice and equality.

The new website and branding strategy had a significant impact on FOH’s online presence. The website received positive feedback from visitors and helped to increase their online visibility. They also saw an increase in traffic to their website, which resulted in a higher number of donations and inquiries. The new branding strategy helped to increase recognition in the market and set them apart from other non-profit organizations. Overall, our collaboration with FOH resulted in a successful website and branding strategy that helped them achieve their mission of being a strong voice against social injustice, racial discrimination, hatred, and other forms of dehumanization.

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