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Cosmetic Clinic Landing page & Marketing

Art of Facial clinic in Toronto offers a large variety of non-surgical cosmetic
procedures to fit patients with busy lifestyles and those who only need a little touching up

The main challenge for this campaign was to create a landing page that would accurately showcase the clinic’s services and attract potential clients. Additionally, we had to ensure that the landing page was optimized for conversions and that the video we produced for them was engaging and informative enough to generate leads.


We created a high-converting landing page that accurately showcased the clinic’s services and highlighted their unique selling points. The landing page included persuasive copy, images, and a lead capture form that encouraged visitors to leave their contact details.

The website we created for Boof Food was a huge success. It showcased its meat products in a visually appealing way and provided customers with an easy way to purchase its products online. The custom photography we captured during the photo shoot was instrumental in creating a premium brand image for Boof Food.


We produced a high-quality video that showcased the clinic’s services and highlighted the benefits of each service. The video was informative, engaging, and included a clear call-to-action that encouraged viewers to book an appointment.

We created a targeted ad campaign that reached potential clients on social media platforms. The ad campaign included persuasive ad copy, eye-catching images, and a clear call-to-action that encouraged viewers to click through to the landing page.


Art of Facial Clinic’s digital marketing campaign was successful because of our strategic approach to website redesign, landing page creation, video production, and ad campaign. By focusing on creating a high-converting landing page and producing a persuasive video, we were able to attract potential clients and encourage them to book appointments. As a result, the clinic experienced a significant increase in bookings and was able to grow its customer base.

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