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7 Useful Ways to Deal with Creative Blockage

Jack White, an American musician, once said “Inspiration and work ethic, they ride right next to each other”. As a creative professional, no matter how hard you work or how motivated you are, it is inevitable to experience what we call a “creative block” from time to time. Defined by GoodTherapy as the incapability to access one’s creative abilities or an “inspiration blockage”, this can happen to anyone at any time – and they can be frustrating, especially to those whose professions are in the creative field.

Creative blocks can happen due to several reasons and it is important to know why it has occurred in order to properly attend to it and prevent reoccurrence. Possible reasons are mostly psychological and emotional problems - such as fear of failure, anxiety, and having confidence issues - but can also be circumstantial (death of a loved one) and physical (onset of illness).

When the source of the block has been identified, then addressing the problem is possible and here are 7 useful ways in order to deal with creative blockage:

1. Take a breather and relax your mind.

Creative blocks can happen when one is too overwhelmed by the amount or intensity of work that we need to do. So sometimes, it is important to step away from what is overwhelming us in order to gain some of that inspiration back into our minds. Going for a walk, taking time to do self-care, and even sleeping are just some of the ways that we can rejuvenate our minds and get the creative juices flowing again.

2. Do a detox to freshen your perspective.

Right now, we are ruled by the digital age and it is inevitable that we incorporate technology into our daily and professional lives. Technology, however, when consumed excessively can contribute to stress. This overwhelming stress can weigh us down and cause a creative block. From time to time, it is important to do a digital detox in order to free ourselves from this stress and freshen the mind, even if it is just for a day.

3. Join online learning communities.

When ready to get back into the digital world, online communities are a great way to find new inspiration and enhance creativity. These online communities offer virtual classes on several different topics and areas, such as business, design, freelancing, etc., and will surely reinspire you and help you take the next step to overcome the creative block. Aside from this, there are plenty of other benefits to joining an online learning community and you can read them here.

4. Write everything down.

Another way to overcome a creative block is to always have a pen and paper (even a digital notepad) ready, just in case you get a random burst of creative energy and think of something exceptional that you might want to remember later. Writing down these thoughts will help you remember and possibly brainstorm and elaborate on them in the future, creating your next great creative idea.

5. Expand your horizons.

When dealing with a creative block, it is also helpful to get inspiration from areas outside of your specific field of expertise since you will never know what you will discover. A growing knowledge of other fields can give you more ideas for content, or even mixed content ideas. Broadening your horizons will also open your eyes to other opportunities for creativity.

6. Change your surroundings.

Being in a stagnant or dull environment can affect your creativity and induce a creative block especially if you are seeing the same things repeatedly. This ultimately influences your mind as well, making it stagnant too. Thus, it is important that you bring a little bit of change into your surroundings. It could be through redecorating, adding more life and color into your studio, office, or home, or even going to a different place in order to change up your surroundings. You can read up on some easy workspace fixes to improve your creativity here.

7. Get help from other creatives.

John Donne (1624) once said “no man is an island”, and surely the same concept applies here. Sometimes, it is imperative to seek help from other people. In this case, one of the ways to help get over a creative block is to surround yourself with creative people. Being in their presence can help you become inspired again, whether they bounce their ideas off you or help you with the project you have been stuck on. In one way or another, this is surely one of the ways to help you recover from a creative block.

So, there you have it. These are only seven of the numerous ways that you can deal with a creative block. Understandably, creative blocks are unavoidable and will come from time to time in a creative profession. But despite that, there are several ways to get over it, reignite the flame, and bring the creative juices flowing effortlessly again.

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