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Rest in the Creative Process

The creative process is not mindless work- on the contrary, to be able to stay creative takes a lot of effort and a toll on the brain that is constantly active.

Why is rest helpful for the creative process?
To produce quality content, the mind and body must also be in top quality.
When we rest our brain gets a chance to be inactive. Rest is one of the most important but overlooked portions of the creative process. When it comes to our career, relaxation can help us to:

• Revisit our work with a clear mind, allowing us to see a different perspective or point out mistakes that we have made during the process. A fresh pair of eyes can point out what we may have missed when our mind is overloaded.

• Avoid burnout. Burnout is a familiar feeling for anyone who is overworked. Constantly working can put pressure on the mind and leave one drawing blanks. Giving the brain time to process and not overworking the mind is a crucial part of avoiding burnout.
• Come up with new ideas. often times we discover new ideas while we least expect it. When we aren't obsessing over our work our creative juices can flow naturally.
• Work better with our collogues, in a creative team we must be at our best in order to work even better with others. Working with others when stressed is an unpleasant experience. With good rest, we are more prepared to communicate effectively and boost the team’s morale as well as improve the office environment.

Here are some plans you can put into action to restore your mind!


Schedule in breaks
Routinely scheduling our work and our breaks allows us to organize what we spend our time on more efficiently. This allows us to avoid both procrastination and burnout. By scheduling breaks our workload feels lighter and more manageable.
Get good sleep
Sleep is proven to reduce stress and enhance memory. During the creative process, stress can keep one away from functioning at their best ability. One can also find themselves in a better mood and mindset after a good night rest which will contribute to both the quality of work.
Plan your next getaway
Although we love our work and career, vacations are necessary in our work life. Vacations are proven to reduce stress, give us a better outlook on life as well as motivate us to get back on track with our career. During the pandemic, however, travel is not recommended. There are still many other ways to ‘get-away’. Taking a couple days off work to spend some time at home or any local attractions you can refuel, relax and be ready for the next project!

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