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How Building your Reputation can greatly improve your Company's SEO

There are two options when conducting SEO. Focus on having the right links, tags and algorithm satisfiers or a focus on growing your reputation and creating high-quality content.

           Many entry-level marketers believe that if they build their business and posts around the right links and tag words, it's a sure-fire way to make them pop up first in online search engines. While this is no way a terrible strategy, it hides a fatal flaw. It makes the actual quality of the content produced come second to the pandering of the search engine design. 

           Building a reputation for yourself as an expert in your field is crucial to your company's SEO strategy. Any search engine design favours high-quality content from people with a history of strong posts above almost any other factor. Of course, most people reading this blog will quickly respond with, "I'm not an expert! Building a reputation will take forever!" But that's a common misconception. Building a reputation in your field can be done relatively quickly. 

           There are several easy tactics to follow in building a strong reputation in your field. Each of these will also help your content show up in more searches. The first is simple, create content and post it on a stable schedule. Include both official content and posts to social media sites. However, don't overwhelm yourself with dozens of social media accounts. Stick with more regular uploads

to major sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure whatever you post about are topics you know about, don't write an article about bike riding if you've ridden a bike only twice in your life. The second thing to do is to make sure you organize it, short and fun to read. Put yourself in the mind of your customer. Think about what questions they would have when reading your article, also think about any follow-up questions they might have and try to answer as many as possible.

           The second tip is to promote yourself. Look into your local area and see if there are any conventions or events that discuss your field. It's almost always free to go and speak at those events. If you have any financial ability, invest or donate into local businesses or not-for-profit organizations. Even small amounts invested are useful, as they allow you to establish connections in your local area with other companies and people in your field. 

           The third tip is to start and a second site or alternative blog to showcase additional skills and interests you might have. Sometimes, your primary job won't allow you to post about what you're familiar with posting. Starting another site will enable you to showcase more about yourself not only adds legitimacy and depth to your reputation but also gives you another platform for you to link your company back to and vice versa. 

         Never neglect a reputation when trying to face the issues that come with having your company appear in search engines. A simple reason for this is, in life, experts are whom we listen to, whom we learn. If you cannot present yourself as a professional in your field online, then people won't listen to you and it's doubtful you'd blame them not doing so. Regardless of anything, reputation building is difficult and takes time. If you're looking for more information and tips on how you can build your reputation and optimize your SEO strategy, contact us at and we'll give you everything you need to develop yourself into a professional.


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