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The critical importance to business success

 Logo designs can make or break a company's business prospects. Poorly designed logos actively fail to communicate the message of the company, harming their prospects and public perception.

 Eyes are the gateway into one's soul; logos designed for customers have a gateway into the company's brand values. It represents what the company is, what it stands for, what it doesn't stand for and how it can make your life better and more exciting. The classy and curvy fonts in the Coca-Cola name, the golden arches of McDonald's, the small and perfectly circular 'bite' out of the Apple logo, these were all blatant and fine-tuned choices meant to communicate specific messages and evoke particular emotions in their customers. Would any of the companies just mentioned be anywhere as memorable or beloved if they had only used their name in a standard font?

           Yet, more often in our fast-paced, low attention society, new businesses believe they can throw together an image and call it their logo. The online world is covered in websites that offer logo designs in minutes. Making a logo for your business is a lot like getting a tattoo; it's an image that will stick with you for the rest of your existence. If you are not completely satisfied with the image you have, do not use it. For most, I assume the time and effort it takes to design and decide on a perfect image take much longer than 10 minutes.   

           There are many ways to ensure you design a good and brand-oriented logo. The first and foremost is to do research, dig deep into the company itself. Make a list of words and terms your company and brand stands for, the more specific and detailed the words are, the stronger the brand identity you are making. It is also crucial to involve other people in identifying a company's brand. Show a tour list of terms to other employees and managers who work there and have them add to the list. Have other people give you concept drawings. The logo is supposed to represent an organization filled with people, so make it a group effort. Finally, start with a wide array of logo features and colour choices, but then narrow them down to a fine-tuned set of each. Final logos should be meaningful but still simple. If you've drawn your logo in a dozen different designs and colours, people will fail to understand your brand; often, in logo design, less is more. 

           There are many other tips for logo design. However, the final important one is to consider hiring a professional logo designer. Once you have a strong enough feel for what your logo should be, take your ideas to a professional who can add an artistic touch to your final design. Canada Create has been aiding its customers in Logo design for years. If you want any additional help in your company's logo design, please contact us at


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