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7 Things Business Owners Should Do During a Crisis

Crises can happen to any business at any time, and perhaps, everyone had felt it all at the same time when COVID-19 had hit last year. The impact that the virus had left had been immense, considering that a lot of businesses had to shut down physical stores and switch to virtual/digital options instead. These events had highlighted the importance of crisis management and having contingency plans in place, just in case any unforeseen event happens, as these could minimize negative impacts.

Although easier said than done, businesses have the responsibility to be flexible and responsive during these times and adjust to the situation at hand. So, we have compiled some tips that business owners could use during a crisis to help them get started.

Update the Website Home Page

As a business, one of the first things to update during a crisis is the homepage of your website since it is one of the first places your customers will visit to get any sort of information. Whether by adding a pop-up or banner, it is best to keep the landing page updated with all the necessary information for your customer, such as changes in store hours, precautions, and any crisis-related content. Not to mention, this can help you boost your SEO!

Update the Website FAQs or Contact Page

The FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions) and contact pages are a great avenue to update and address your customers with regards to any crisis-related questions. Questions ranging from how you are dealing with the crisis to any adaptations your company will be doing to cope could all be answered in bulk in this page. It may be helpful to link the FAQs and contact pages on your homepage so customers can be aware of the pages that can give them answers to their questions.

Update the Website Events Page

If you have any upcoming events organized, make sure to update them accordingly in the events page. (aside from emailing the attendees). Any additional information, including if the event is postponed or will be done virtually, should be included. You should also link any other supplementary information, such as access to the virtual event or subscription to the mailing list for said event.

Modify Ads

Running ads is a normal part of a marketing strategy but in the event of a crisis, you might want to reconsider the ads that you have posted and modify them. Modifying the ads include changing the ad itself to make it more relevant, adjusting the frequency, or budget allocation. It is also an option to put these ads to a halt for the time being since the ads might not resonate with the situation at present.

Update Social Media Profiles

Other than your website, another avenue for customers to get in touch with the company is through your social media profiles. Keeping these accounts up to date with all the necessary information, such as links to the website FAQs page, will be helpful for your company image during times of crisis. Social media can also be used as a live update area where you can answer real-time questions from customers, which will be perfect for maintaining engagement and communication with customers during this time.

Increase Communication

One of the most important things during a crisis is communication, both internally (with staff) and externally (with customers). This helps maintain the trust that was built and drives loyalty. So, make sure to keep everyone updated through the website, e-mails, or social media.

Add Other Service Options

As you work around the situation at hand, it is best to provide alternative services for clients in order to provide a better experience for them amidst the crisis. Some of these alternative options may include virtual seminars, pick-up and delivery options, or even virtual shopping. 

Crises cannot be fully avoided but how we respond to it is what truly matters. We hope that these simple tips will be helpful in the event of any crisis that you may encounter in the future or even now. 

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