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3 Common Branding Mistakes

Branding is as important as the service or product that you’re selling. After all, it's how your company identifies as well as differentiates itself from other competitors to your customers. That is why it is of even more importance to make sure it is done correctly.

So with that said, here are three common branding mistakes which you and your company should definitely make sure to avoid.

1) Inconsistency

It’s one thing to establish a brand, but a company needs to make sure that it is consistent in how it represents itself. That doesn't only mean having your logo in as many places as possible.

It’s more about your messaging, tone, voice, fonts, colors and more being uniform throughout many mediums such as your website, social media, content, TV, PR and more. If you have a post on Twitter that has a particular voice and tone with a range of colours and then a black and white post on Facebook with a different voice and tone, it’s not going to look very good or professional. The same goes for your website if there are multiple colour schemes and fonts for different pages or if you’re not using the same branded hashtag for all your posts.

This is why brand guidelines are important to implement and adhere to.

2) Speaking out on social issues but not following up

To somewhat follow up on the previous point, consistency is required even when making a public stand. As we discussed earlier, it’s now more important than ever for companies to speak out on social issues and that was evident during the Black Lives Matter protests that took place following the unfortunate death of George Floyd.

Companies will be criticized or at the very least, questioned if they do not make a public statement about social issues like these. However, it’s important to follow up on these statements and make some sort of effort rather than just making a statement to avoid public backlash.

A number of companies have made donations to social justice organizations while some, such as Ben and Jerry’s are going further in their approach. If you think you can just get away by making a generic #BlackLivesMatter post, don’t be fooled. The public is paying attention and is regularly keeping tabs.

3) Ignoring copy

Branding is a lot about the visual side as we discussed earlier in this article, but let's not ignore the copy. It’s all well and good if you have everything else taken care of, but if you have poor or generic copy for crucial aspects such as your values, taglines and general website content, it not only will affect your sales and conversion, but negatively impact how the public views you as a brand.

That said, don’t over embellish or use inaccurate copy either. Customers are not going to take you seriously if you use over-the-top statements about your services or products. For example, if you are selling a common product or service, instead focus on the benefits you provide as opposed to the features and run with that.

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